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Mad Blocker Alpha Review

Another week, another minis review! This time Mad Blocker Alpha: Revenge of the Fuzzles gets a chance to shine and try to compete for your hard earn money. What can we expect from this game? As always, minis can be enjoyed on the big screen (or the screen of the size that you have at home) from your PS3 or on the portable spectre thanks to the PSP and the Go (it DOES still exist!). Follow along as we take you into a journey that involves lots of blocks, blocks, blocks.

Blocks are preset and you can only move them from left to right with the D-pad or slide them from one side to the other one at a time. No rotation them as if you were playing Tetris but game but a tad closer to Panel de Pon at least until you place your puzzle piece. Connect four blocks (or more) at the same time to make them dissapear. More than one set (of the same color) can dissapear with a single piece if you plan things right.

You’ve got powerup blocks available for your survival that are activated with the Square, Circle and Triangle buttons and these are obtained from a roulette that spins every time you create a chain. Here’s a list of the powerups you’ll run into:

– One of the special blocks is of the “rainbow” variety as it constantly shifts from one color to another and the colored block it lands on makes ALL of the blocks of the same color be “free”.

– An exploding block that is a distant cousin to Bomberman and his amazing bombs. It explodes a bit after being placed in the same patter one would expect from Hudson’s great mascot.

– A heavy block that destroy the whole column where it sorta rests for a second after it’s placed.

There are three modes available once you start up the game so let’s take a look at each one to better understand what is being offered:

Story Mode

Name says it all, right? Here’s the story, straight from the game itself:

Fluzzles are small fluffy creatures who love “shape-morphing” in thbeir beautiful homeland of Machu Popyu. Alas, evil “Mokes” are pollutiong their world in the name of profits and pointy charts that impress Make industry big Wigs!

Now the Fluzzles must venture through the lands summoning the Great Buhmba to restore natures balance. Help the Fluzzles gather in griups of 4 or more matching coloured blocks to unleash the power of Buhma against the Mokes.

But beware! Should the Mokes prove too powerful, the Fluzzles shall be trapped in block form forever as terrible “Desaturons”. Go forth and rejuvenate!

Each level in story mode has a set objective as the goal you must reach in order to progress further. What are these objectives?

– Obtain X amount of points before time runs out.
– “Free” (destroy?) a set number of blocks of a specific color
– Create X amount of chains before time runs out (these are achieved by freeing 8 or more fluzzles at the same time).

In case you forget what your level objective is you can pause the game and see what needs to be done.

Once you get to the only new level left in your journey you’ll reach the last (and only) boss in story mode. Things start out very easy but you’ll soon realize that a lot of work is required to actually beat this nemesis that stands between you and the freedom of the Fluzzles!

Endless Mode

Survive as long as you can and try to get a highscore! Only two ways to end this mode: you quit out (giving up…really?) or you’re overwhelmed and loose. Come to think of it, why is this mode called endless if it DOES eventually end? It doesn’t go on forever! Weird.

Tower Mode

Build a tower as high as the screen to go up a level! Don’t fall below the red line and watch out for the bottom line exploding from time to time! How high can you get with the help of the multicolor blocks available for your entertainment?

If you’ve got a couple of minutes at a time the Mad Blocker Alpha: Revenge of the Fuzzles is a game that will provide you with a very fun take on the tried and true “match X number of pieces” formula in the puzzle genre and since it’s only $4 it’s a game you should add to your minis collection.

[review pros=”Very fun puzzle game that’s easy to understand
Good price
Great artstyle and music” cons=”Would have liked there to be another boss or two to battle” score=80]

Published by Open Emotion Studios

Cost – $3.99


– Story mode was completed and both Endless and Tower mode had a chance as well.
– Total amount of time played: 6 hours.
– This review is based on a retail copy of the PSP version of Mad Blocker Alpha provided by Open Emotion Studios.

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