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Number Of PlayStation Pads Damaged/Broken?

I remember the days when I used to play my PlayStation all the time rather than go out and hook up with girls and friends of sorts.

I remember wanting to REALLY complete just this one level in order to save the game and head off out to grab my pizza before I get some well deserved rest.

It used to really frustrate me that I just couldn’t complete this or that due to the same silly thing happening again and again on the level – and after attempting it for hours, there goes the pad. Smash!

The wall feels the full force of my frustration and that’s just cost me another £20 or so.

How often have you done such a thing where you’ve thrown your pad across the room, against the wall or you could be creative and try to flush it down the toilet because it was the pad’s fault that you couldn’t get past that level.

I personally have done it too many times. I’ve gone through (from what I can remember) 8 pads since the first PlayStation. Now, I’m a chilled out guy. Can’t get past that level? No problem, I now just sit back and relax.

How many pads/controllers/joysticks have you broken during your lifetime?

Photo via desktopnexus