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Please Welcome EdEN To The Team!

I’m still continuing the tradition of getting a caricature done for official writers of, this is something that Henning (aka Blackstaffer) started. In the past 2 months EdEN has reviewed 12 games for which is an impressive feat. I enjoy reading his reviews; it’s like I’m right there playing the game. I’m looking forward to more reviews and posts from EdEN in the future.

He joined the site on February 4th, 2010 and his first post was in September 2010. He quickly climbed the points later and currently sits at the number #7 spot. He’s also known as the Resident Nintendo Nutjob on but he also loves the PS3. It was a long time coming but now he’s officially part of the team. His bio is after the jump. You can also view it on the about us page.

Welcome aboard EdEN!

EdEN – Contributing Editor UTC -8

I am lawyer, hear me roar! EdEN here, Resident Nintendo Nutjob extraordinaire and owner of Sony products around his place. Started to get my gaming fix back in the day thanks to the awesomeness of Pong Home Consoles (one game only… and we liked it!) before moving on to the Atari 2600 for a couple of years and then graduating to the NES and never looking back. What consoles and portables do I own you say? Here, let me tell you them! I’ve got and Atari 2600, NES, SNES, N64, PSX, PSX Slim, Dreamcast, GC, PS2, PS2 Slim, 2 Wii and a PS3 on the console front and a GB, GBC, GBA, GBA SP, GB Micro, DS, DS Lite, DSi and PSP 3000 on the portable side of gaming. 900 games strong and counting with a backlog of over 100!

I believe in giving every game a fighting chance and try to keep a lot of variety in the list of games I review or that I play just for fun (without a deadline!) and know that having other consoles options is great for the gaming industry as competition always bring the best in people (just ask all olympic athletes and hobos).

I work hard for my money (so you better treat me right!). What do I spend that money on? The usual: food, clothes, cosmic cubes, clothing, gas, miniature tyrannic overlords, electricity and lots of hobbies. Comic books, DVDs and Blurays (new technology is always welcome) mostly, as well as lots of figurines and statues and original comic pages acquired during the yearly pilgrimage to the doors of the San Diego Comic Con to leave my offering of $5,000 in several $20, $50 and $100 bills all tied with a blood red bow to please the gods. Running out of space at my place so I think I’ll have to get rid of most of our furniture to make room for all my essential purchases in the years to come!