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Will Smartphone/Tablet Owners Purchase the Playstation Vita?

An interesting inquiry based on the doom and gloom stories we have been reading across the net about how smartphones, iPads and tablets will usurp the mobile gaming crown and push out dedicated mobile gaming devices such as the Playstation Vita and the 3DS.

I can’t take credit for posing this question among gamers as that belongs to Labadal who posted this question on NeoGaf. It’s not often I will take part of the interwebz circle that seems to follow the GAF > NET > GAF phenomenon, but I decided to take the data from this question and put it in easy to swallow numbers. I read each and every reply to this thread and kept a detailed tally of the 292 answers.

59% answered Yes! These current owners of portable technology still see value in the Vita and what it offers. This actually struck me as odd because I really did believe that smartphone/tablet gaming was slowly taking over. There is a substantial difference between the bite sized games we get on smartphones vs dedicated gaming devices such as the 3DS or the Vita.

24% said No. The most interesting part of this crowd who did not find the Vita a worthwhile purchase, made it clear that their smartphone/tablet gaming had no affect on their decision. Well I suppose I should say the majority as a few did say the iPhone was enough for them but we are talking only 5 or 6 responses that agreed with that.

17% said Maybe. Most were clear that they had interest with the right types of games. A few said they would follow the JRPG’s, a few more said they would follow new IP’s, etc. Some pretty much said that they didn’t want to be the 1st to buy a new hardware and wanted to give it some time to grow or die before they decided to make a purchase

We have to understand that the control group for such a poll is a little skewed since it was made up of almost entirely core gamers I would say. However what this does tell me is that smartphones, iPads and tablets may not be taking away from the mobile gaming market but instead, growing it in several directions. Creating the right hardware accompanied with the right software will always take hold and flourish with the right price points and marketing. There will always be people who disagree and spread the doom and gloom stories but taking a step back and trying to look at the whole view…even in little chunks such as this one could give you a a little more truth to the tale.