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Sixaxis Controller With Your Android Phone? Are You Nuts?

The answer to the title my friends is YES!

I bet most of you who have an Android phone (yes, they’re out there!) have played a game where you used an on-screen pad and buttons…. which are neither an actual pad nor a set of functional buttons. Most retro games these days tend to have these kinds of controls (what else could they do without a proper controller?) and it drives me nuts. My fat fingers (yes, yes, salad and bit of a workout. Duly noted. Will get to it next week. Yes, do remind me!) can’t handle the touch screen pad and buttons – boo!

So what’s this about the Sixaxis controller then? Well, if you have a read of the article found at CNET (link provided below) you’ll see that someone has managed to do this crazy thing where you just connect your Sixaxis Controller (without wires… all wireless like!) to your mobile phone and play those same retro games you used to play when you were a kid (in a LEGAL way. Purchased from the Android Market).

CNET: How To Play Your Android Games With A PS3 Controller

When I get a spare minute, I’m going to give this a shot and I’ll report back with my findings, unless any of our beloved readers beat me to it (I dare thee)!