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DeathSpank 3: The Baconing is Going to be Great!

Here is the newest trailer for the third game in my all time favorite PSN franchise, DeathSpank.

“The Baconing is an action RPG which stars everyone’s favorite Vanquisher of Evil, DeathSpank. The story revolves around DeathSpank wearing all six Thongs of Virtue which unfortunately summons an evil version of himself in the AntiSpank. Now our hero must seek out the Fires of Bacon and burn five of the Thongs, which will allow him to weaken and defeat the evil giant, bringing peace back to Spanktopia.”

As part of the PSN Play Promotion, if you pre-order now through August 25th you will get an exclusive The Baconing PS3 static theme as well as an additional sidekick character with Roesha – One Bad Mutha. PlayStation Plus members also get a 20% discount on their pre-order purchase.

Hit the jump for more details on what’s been added/changed in this third game.

Mechanics you now have a shield bash, charged crossbows and perfect reflect. The bash allows you to control the battlefield as you can knock enemies away from your position. In addition, if you bash at the correct time when an enemy is firing a projectile at you, you can reflect it back at them taking it out, which is our perfect reflect. The charged crossbows offer a risk/reward system where you give up movement to charge up more powerful attacks.

Environment wise we have added cover. These allow you to quickly take refuge to recover. You can also use these to stay hidden from enemies and land a first strike. In addition, users will notice collections of buffed barrels in the world which offer you the chance to land crippling blows to enemies. But be careful, the enemy can use them against you as well.

From the AI standpoint, we spoke with fans early on and players were asking for more of a challenge so now they have it! The AI has more brain power now, as ranged enemies for example will strafe on your position as you take cover. The AI attacks quicker and more often now as well and with more damaging effects. Battles are far more engaging now and make for more enjoyable gameplay experiences.

The game length for The Baconing is more in line with the first game, we made sure to retain the same value and quality for the experience. And if you actually dare to try the Insane Mode, I would wager you will be spending a few more hours in the game.
All enemies projectiles are now visible, so you can see what is going to hit you and when it will hit you as well. We removed the invisible gun bullets since it seemed unfair and not obvious to the user. To help give you time to eat or drink a potion in gameplay, as I stated above, we have cover objects in the game.

If you are low on health, dart behind cover, eat something or pound back a health potion, and then pop up and take down those pesky ranged enemies. The cover addition, really improves your choice and options in a fight and no longer will you need to run away.

Potions and our market in the game have been reworked. The pricing and economy is tuned and works much better this time around. And as far as getting lost, we have worked very hard on making maps and areas that are fun to adventure around but not confusing. I had the same issue when I joined the company to work on the game and I am happy to say, you really get to know the worlds this time around just like the streets in the city you live.

We made it a point to remove senseless fetch quests in the game. With DeathSpank being a hero, the user should feel that they are doing heroic things and not fetching lost tackle boxes and records that people have lost. The quests you take part in this time around focus on a bigger goal such as locating secret codes for entry into an ancient complex or figuring out how to try and reprogram a replicating machine to move past a portal.

When we spoke with the community through our website and forums early on, people asked for fetch quests to be kept at a minimum and we have taken the time to make sure that the quests you head out on have importance and value in terms of what a hero should be doing. And there are a few funny ones in there too, just wait until you meet the Red Princess!

Source: Official PS Blog