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What is ‘Black Death’?

Black Death is a survival horror first person shooter that includes fog and monsters, or to be more precise, fog that turns people into super hybrid mutants! Sounds familiar? There is more. In Black Death, you will be able to create your own weapons and you will also be presented with the choice of saving or killing fellow mutated humans.

Developed by Darkworks, the studio behind Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare and Cold Fear, the game presents the story of a north east-coast American city overtaken by a huge cloud of black smoke. The black smoke brings disease to the city, infecting everyone in its path, turning the city into a violent mutants inhibited colony. That’s where you come in! You play as a survivor trying to stay alive and possibly find a way to end this madness.

In a post apocalyptic zombie/mutant nightmare games era, its hard to define a juggernaut in this genre. Fresh ideas and outstanding game mechanics are always welcome, but it will take more than astonishing visual design and big corporate names, in which Black Death doesn’t lack, to withstand the competition. A Black Death demo on the PC offers a unique atmosphere with minimal lighting and claustrophobic vibe that gives the impression of a promising title in the making.

Black Death is set for release on all major platforms, however, no release date have been announced.