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Dragon’s Dogma Home of Selena

Here is a look at the realm of Selena the Forest, a region covered in mist and mystery from Dragon’s Dogma. Details come straight from CAPCOM.

-The Forest, cursed and dark, is a wooded region on the southern tip of the peninsula, and is so thick with fog that those who tread carelessly may easily find themselves lost even in mid-day. Within this forest lies a small clearing surrounded by trees, and herein lies a cottage which Selena calls home.

-Why does she live in a place like this, and what is her mysterious connection to the protagonist? What is the meaning of the stone monuments lining these woods?

-Selena’s home is a crude cottage built into the rotten trunk of a huge tree.

-When visited by the protagonist and his childhood friend Kina, Selena appears to have something important to tell them.

-Within the cottage are what look like medicinal herbs as well as a cauldron.

-There is rumored to be a witch living within the woods, and it is thought by some that she is responsible for the dragon attack.


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