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FIFA Street

Being a Football (Soccer in America!) fan, I couldn’t express my happiness watching a new trailer for a FIFA Street reboot. I would say that I’ve played every Football game on the Planet in my search for the ultimate Soccer, errr Football, simulator. FIFA Street have always provided us, the fans, with fresh gameplay and over the top fun, however the series lacked some major features compared with the other FIFA titles.

During EA conference in Gamecon 2011, a FIFA street reboot was announced and now for the first time the game will be made by the original FIFA team, the same team behind the number one soccer simulator in the world, and It will also share the same engine with FIFA (for better or worse).

With a completely new trick system, over 35 different locations and all the official licences you’d expect from a FIFA game, FIFA Street will aim for a more authentic experience and most importantly a fresh take on the heavily packed simulator genre.

FIFA Street will be available in early 2012 on all major consoles and portables.