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Borderlands 2 Live Event From GamesCom

Well, the Borderlands 2 “Exclusive Reveal” that was streamed live from Gamescom didn’t actually show as much gameplay as we were all expecting. It only lasted about 10 seconds.

They did however reveal some great sounding improvements to Borderlands.

Although there was no picture revealed, they did reveal a new character named Maya. She will be the new Siren character, however, she will have a different ability from Lilith’s phasewalk, because “all Sirens have different abilities”.

Some very exciting news, for my son and I, was revealed about co-op splitscreen. Borderlands 2 will allow you to take split-screen co-op online and connect with two other players. “The only situation you can not do is split-screen plus split-screen because you need a host,” Gibson, Gearbox’s vice president of public relations and marketing, said. “And a split-screen guy uses a lot of CPU, so he can not be the host.”

The UI has also been improved for split screen, so there won’t be any more “moving the UI around” problem. Those of you, like myself, who have played a lot of the split screen in Borderlands, will understand the annoying problem I’m talking about. Also, when you play co-op, you will no longer get the ‘non-eligible’ quests messages, as they said they “found a solution for that too”.

For weapons, we already heard that there will be more of them, with many different manufacturers. They did talk about a new type of “makeshift grenade”, where you throw a magazine with ammunition in it and have different size explosions, based upon how much ammunition there is in the magazine. They have also added a weapon trading system, so you no longer have to drop the weapons to trade them.

There was also a quick mention about improved vehicles controls, including “powersliding”.

The more I hear about Borderlands 2, the more “I want it now!” Good thing there are some great games headed our way to tide me over.

Don’t forget to check out the teaser trailer here, and some screens here.