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Back to the Future Episode 5 Review

Episode 1: It's About Time Episode 2: Get Tannen Episode 3: Citizen Brown Episode 4: Double Visions

After such a long journey that has taken us from here to there and everywhere in between… how will it all end? Doc went missing and was stuck in the past where he “allegedly” burned down a speakeasy, we changed things just a bit and all of a sudden the Tannen Family owns Hill Valley in the present, changed the present AGAIN by messing with the past and making it more future than present and even tried to cure a severe case of puppy love between a poodle and a vicious pitbull. Did it all work?

The Hill Valley Science and Technology Exposition is the main setting available for this episode (not just any Expo…this IS the Expo of the Future!) and you’ll spend about 80% of your time going from stand to stand, marveling at all the technological wonders mere inches away from you. After all we’ve been though in this series the final episode feels a bit more streamline (which is good) and you won’t run into a real “scratch your head” problem until you’re in the second half of it and that is only if you’re going for a trophy that requires you to be very specific about the order in which you do things.

Edna Strickland starts things off by accusing Marty of being an agitator, a spy, a communist and so on after she had a very interesting conversation with Mr. Carl Sagan (Future Doc this time around and not our Doc Doc as was the case back in Episode 1) the night before the Expo was set to begin. Wonder what they could have talked about and how we can find out about it so we can fix any problems they might create?

You thought Edna was a crazy girl? Wait until you play THIS Episode! She’s baaaaaaaaaad news, all kinds of bonkers and a psycho. Some people can eventually change and grow up after a troubling experience but Edna just puts more gasoline into the fire and watches as the flames reach the sky! It’s no wonder how she ended up alone in the original timeline since just 5 minutes can show you how high maintenance she is and how many screws are missing from that loosely bolted in head of hers.

Your main objective during the last episode is making sure that Young Emmet gets a chance to participate in the Hill Valley Science and Technology Exposition even if Edna and Future Doc are trying to end his scientific career before it gets a chance to get of the ground… literally. Emmet goes missing just as the Expo gets started and we all know that if he doesn’t get a chance to participate as a young inventor then he’ll never grow up to be an adult inventor. No inventor means no Doc. No Doc means no DeLorean time machine. No DeLorean time machine means no time travel. No time travel means… it’s time for Marty to start disappearing and cease to exist!

There are several clever puzzles to solve this time around and I think that the trophies make more sense by the time we’ve hit episode 5 than they did all the way back on episode 1. Maybe it has more to do with being used to the UI and the controls than it has to do with the way the finale is presented to us? Too many variables!

Michael J. Fox is part of the game this time around and provides the voice for some of the cast. You’ll know who when you run into them and if you’re a fan of the movies (which you should be) it will definitely bring a smile to your face. It’s always nice to see the original cast be part of the game based on the movie based on awesome source material.. especially when that game is actually fun and not a quick cash-in developed in 3 months with a colorful case cover!

Back to the Future: The Game has been a great experience for the last couple of months that gives us several “what if” scenarios as to what could have happened had a fourth movie been developed. Episode 5 allows the series to go out with a bang and leaves the door open for a Season 2 if you guys go out and buy a season pass RIGHT NOW. Your $19.99 purchase will deliver to you 12-20 hours of fun and nostalgia all wrapped up in a digital bow that sparkles when you smile.

Now let’s start preparing for Jurassic Park and Walking Dead…

[review pros=”Nice surprise at the end for fans of the movies so stay until the credits start!
Good closure to the series” cons=”It’s over!” score=91]

Published by Telltale Games
Developed by Telltale Games

Cost – $19.99 (Full season pass)

Available on PSN

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– Game was completed before writing this review.
– Total amount of time played: 3 hours.
– This review is based on a retail copy of the PS3 version of Back to the Future Episode 5 provided by Telltale Games.