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Upping the Ante: WWE ’12 Creation Suite Adds Long Requested Features

The WWE Smackdown and Smackdown vs Raw games have always had some of the most open character creation in gaming (with a host of other ever-evolving creation types). This has even expanded beyond Create-a-Superstar to things like Create a Taunt (which, oddly enough, hasn’t been around for a while), Create a Finisher, heck, even Create a Storyline.

But a couple things has been missing that could really help flesh out the whole creation process. Titantron videos have always been pretty limited to what the game included, or, as in SVR 2011, a ‘highlight reel’ created by replays from a single match. With the release of WWE ’12, the next title in THQ’s WWE franchise, that seems to have changed, as intro videos seem that much more interactive (as you can see from the trailer above). As to how they got other background videos to run with it, I am not sure if that’s from stock footage they have included with the game or if you’re allowed to upload your own, but it’s still great to see more options (I’ll shoot them an email for clarification).

Another requested feature, THQ has also included Create an Arena. This allows you to design things from ringside barriers, to rope color, to ring aprons, to the lighting (and probably more). A good example from the trailer is the NWO/WCW ring. This would go great with Create a PPV, with a bunch of downloaded superstars from the ’90s, trying to recreate what you might see on Raw is War and Warzone or something. Yeah, I can be nerdy like that. The game releases on November 22nd.