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Accessory Review: Sony Wireless Headset

The $99.99 price point on Sony’s new head set may have you somewhat hesitant to jump on board. With the average gaming headset going for $299, I, too, was a bit reluctant to make the purchase. Having owned a few Turtle Beach sets in the past, I went ahead and made the jump for the sleek design.

Sony put a lot of thought into what looks like a simple head set. The ability to scale the volume from in game sound to incoming voice is a welcome feature. The Black Ops sessions were much easier to mute everybody with the simple push of a small voice to sound button found conveniently on the base of the left ear piece. The screaming kids could be dulled down to the point of hearing them but without them being an annoyance. This alone was a win for me. We all have that one friend who is soft spoken and we struggle to hear over PSN. This fixes that with the simple movement by a few tabs.

On the reverse side of the Voice to sound tab is the master volume control with the USB charging slot located directly below it. Let me tell you, these suckers are loud. They also have the best noise cancellation I have ever used. With these on, you wont hear your girl nagging for you to stop playing Monster Hunter any more. 🙂 Speaking of charge, I was able to get 7 and a half hrs out of them in one charge which is simply amazing.

You charge the unit by using the included USB that came with your PS3 console for your controller (mini type B). In all honesty, any avid gamer has a quick charge solution for their devices, and your average AC to USB adapter will charge these in a half hr or less. Here is what I use for $5.

I normally use my Plantronics Voyager Pro for chatting and have always disliked the fumbling around required to hit the tiny mute mic button. Luckily, the button on this headset is located on the outer left side of the device, and a quick tap will mute the mic as shown by the on screen display. The on screen display is great for knowing battery charge, virtual sound on/off, and whether your mic is muted or not.

The virtual surround button adds so much detail to the sound that you wont bother ever turning it off. Never has been so easy to hear an opposing player creeping up behind me and knowing where he is exactly. Turning this off gives you traditional stereo, which adds more bass, but is simply there for music purposes and/or watching home videos in stereo. The Virtual surround rivals Turtle beach’s quality, and for the price you cant go wrong.

The set up requires you to plug in the USB dongle provided and play; that’s it. No receiver, no wires, just one USB. If you have never used a gaming headset, this is where you should start. For $300, there are tons of options, but for $99.99, you are getting the equivalent of those options with on screen display and no power or wiring attached to a receiver.

[review pros=” Price is unbeatable for the quality
Sleek Design
Ease of set-up
Superb Sound
Voice to Game sound controll” cons=”None
” score=100]

This review is based on a retail copy the Sony Wireless Headset purchased by this reviewer.