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Microsoft Taking Over Sony from the Inside?

Say it isn’t so. Sony’s new PlayStation Suite is 100% Microsoft based. I had really held Sony to a higher standard than this. I thought Sony was about championing end product innovation rather than ramrodding choice-free Microsoft technologies onto developers and championing a militant Microsoft only technology stack.

  • Development IDE:Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Development OS:Microsoft Windows.
  • Programming Language:Microsoft C#.

There are better programming languages: Scala would be my pick, but I’d also prefer Java (unfortunately, this isn’t legally viable due to lawsuit happy Oracle), and to a lesser extent Python, C++, Go, or Clojure. There are also better IDEs: IntelliJ is much better than Visual Studio, and yes, I’ve used both extensively.

I’m not opposed to giving developers a choice of using Microsoft exclusive products. Most Amazon and Google developer inititiaves provide Microsoft options in addition to other, more innovation friendly alternatives. What I really, really despise is the innovation destroying Microsoft-only, fire every employee and kill every project that hasn’t fully adopted the Microsoft mindset. Every programming concept has to come from a Microsoft PR agent, every programming tool has to be a Microsoft blessed plugin in Microsoft Visual Studio on Microsoft Windows.

As a long time PlayStation fan, this is heartbreaking, but ultimately, I’m more interested in innovation, including developer innovation, than supporting the PlayStation Suite and it’s Microsoft technology agenda.

Microsoft basically has gutted Nokia and Yahoo and taken them over from the inside. At some level, I’m disappointed to see signs of this with Sony.

On the bright side: rumors have leaked that Google is privately working on new programming languages and ecosystems, supposedly called Dart and Spot. I’m expecting a browser-centric JavaScript replacement and a more rich client and server focused Java replacement tool set. Also, despite Oracle’s lawsuit centric nature, software development innovation continues within the JVM ecosystem.