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Poll Results and a Quick Update

[tab: Results]As you know, for the past few weeks, we’ve had the same poll running, since we usually change it when I do the Weekly Recap. Unfortunately, this past few weeks have been very hard on me to find the time to do the recaps and thus, the poll has not been updated. I hope to get back to doing the recaps soon, but I do have a couple polls in the next tab for you folks to partake in, one being the site poll and another about the Weekly Recap.

As for this tab, the focus is on the previous poll. We asked “What do you look for in Collector’s/Limited Editions?” and, finally, the results are in :P.

Unsurprisingly, someone added “All of the Above” and it got the most votes, despite most CE and LE games rarely coming with everything listed. Anyway, second highest was DLC content, which is always nice (but that DLC usually winds up on the store anyway). Statues and figurines came in third, which I find a little surprising, considering those are rarer and more collectable than the DLC.

What actually surprised me most was how low art books and soundtracks were voted, even getting less votes than those who weren’t interested in collector editions. Although, if you combine the two and include them with the “Art Books AND Soundtracks”, it would have far surpassed it.
[tab:New Poll]
First of all, the second poll is mainly for me, as I am asking whether or not you would like to see me do a recap of the past 5-6 weeks that I missed or start off on a clean slate.

Anyway, since I don’t award myself points for poll ideas, I’ll grab one from our Poll Ideas thread in the forums. I used Cheeto‘s idea because it was one I don’t think we’ve used before. I will get to others in the future, but for the poll idea being used, he will get an extra 200 points!

He asks what people’s main reason for buying PSN games is. Since there might be more than these reasons, I left the option to add your own answers.