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Batman: Arkham City - 1st Review!

Official PlayStation Magazine Australia has published the first review for the upcoming Batman: Arkham City, giving it a stunning 10-10. Those who enjoyed the first title have a lot to look forward to it seems. Some of the quotes read as follows:

“Presentation: Endlessly creative, perfectly moody, and technically flawless. This is Epic’s Unreal engine pushed to its absolute limit.”

“Sound: Alternatively foreboding and frantic, the game’s orchestral soundtrack matches the on-sccreen action perfectly. Voice acting is brilliant.”

“Controls: Complex and initially overwhelming, but also logical and responsive. It’ll take a while to get used to them, but once you do, it feels perfectly natural flinging Batman around.”

“Replay Value: Immense. A massive main quest, dozens of side missions, Riddler challenges, secondary game modes, and DLC will keep most people occupied for months.”

“VERDICT: We can’t imagine how a superhero game could be better than this. Absolutely sublime.”

I personally don’t count on reviews too often, but this is hard to ignore.