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[Review] Burnout Crash

Burnout Crash is a top down “blow’em up” car crashing game by Criterion, that provokes your ability to solve puzzles, blow stuff up and complete certain tasks on each level to obtain stars in order to unlock other levels and vehicles.

Using the Burnout name was a slick way to capture some attention but make no mistake, this game has ZERO to do with the widely adored Burnout series. Of course this is not to say the game isn’t fun by any means.

The object of the main game is to drive one of many vehicles into a busy intersection to create the biggest pile up possible. Once you crash, your vehicle will remain stationary, that is until something blows up!

Once an explosion goes off, (or you manually set one off) it will send your vehicle flying into the air where you will have limited control in order to guide in a certain direction. This is key as you need to use these explosions to stop any vehicles that think they can just drive right on by. If 5 vehicles make it by, you lose the round.

Other game modes like “Rush Hour” doesn’t penalize you for missing cars and the goal is to create as much destruction as possible. During this mode you will see a pizza truck attempt to go by and it is important to stop him to rack up more points. A pizza wheel of fortune pops up and will give you a random option or penalty to assist/hinder you in the round. It could be an ice storm, sink hole, faster cars, magnetize your car, etc.

All in all, this bite size game brings a lot of immature comedy to the table that makes the game more fun then it might be on its own. Its a very simple premise but it seems to work for this game. If explosions, 90’s pop music, destruction and mayhem are your thing, don’t miss out on this game as you will surely enjoy. Just don’t get it expecting something from the real Burnout series.

[review pros=”Hilarious
The Hoff!!!
Explosions!” cons=”Some luck is involved
Some levels are insanely hard
No real reason to switch vehicles much” score=75]

This review is based on a retail copy of the PS3 version of Burnout Crash provided by Criterion Games.

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