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Dark Souls Patch 3 Inbound

Dark Souls has a patch on its way to address some of the network issues some are having. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is they are changing the magic to unlimited uses vs the count system, which is currently in place. I’m not sure if I like this as I was just getting used to keeping my spells stock piled for the later parts of levels. Here is what is stated-

Fixes to certain spells and effects:
– Magic Shield, Strong Magic Shield
– Tranquil Walk of Peace
– Ring of Fog, etc.
Unlimited uses of magic and items
Regular weapons rebalanced against reinforced weapons
Adjustments to the player matching conditions
Loading problems when switching between maps

I find it rather odd they have not mentioned leader board resets or a fix for the duplication glitch which many people on the leader board are abusing. Fingers crossed. Expect the patch to go live before the month is up!

Source:From Software

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