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Battlefield 3 Server Browser Breakdown and Other Updates

Here’s the good news: the server browser for consoles has been revealed, and here comes the bad news: there will not be private matches on launch and DICE may be going back on their word to provide Battlefield 1943 to PS3 owners. It just seems to be a poor business move by EA to come out and say this info a few days before release. Needless to say, EA came out and said:“The Limited Edition will not come with BF1943, but with the Back to Karkand expansion.” It seems either they have taken back their original promise, or will include it at a later date for us PS3 owners. Hopefully we’ll get more clarification very soon.

Moving on to the server browser which seems to be promising and is only available to console versions of the game.
Once you get into the multiplayer screen you’ll have 3 options, leaderboards, quick match, and server browser.
Inside the server browser option, you can browse between, friends, history, favorites, and search. Within the list of servers, you will find the name, the number of max players, the map, the mode, it’s rank, and it’s ping. Along with joining, you have the option to refresh, and show filter.
In what seems to be the filter screen, it’s possible to specify max players, choose your mode, choose your map, choose your preset (this includes normal, hardcore, and infantry), choose whether the match will be ranked or not, and lastly, choose your region. The regions listed so far are Europe, West US, East US, South US, Japan, and Australia. You can also view running games from Official EA servers, and choose not to display full servers.
In the screen detailing server information, it will show you all the basic information on the left, while on the right, you can find a much more detailed list of presets. This includes things like friendly fire, regenerative health, only squad leader spawn, and much more.

DICE seems to have really stepped up with this new feature and I can’t wait to try it out tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you all on the battlfield. Until then, stay frosty my friends.