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Trophy Unlocked: Naughty Dog Got Class

There has been an ongoing discussion on many forum sites like this one at Neogaf about the wonky controls, dead zones etc of Uncharted 3’s single player game. Right now on Youtube you can find several videos comparing Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3.

Essentially the complaint is that there are increased dead zones that disallow you to smoothly transition your aiming on diagonal planes and that there is increased lag as well. These claims are valid and many videos have proved just this.

Naughty Dog at first defended against the claims saying that some tweaks were implemented and that it wasn’t a glitch until they were convinced by passionate gamers to take another look.

In a classy move to fix this debacle, Naughty Dog invited some NeoGaf members to their studio to run some tests on the game. The gamers that attended said that Naughty Dog was very open and concerned about this problem and were dead set on correcting it.

The end result is we will now be receiving a patch that will correct this problem as well as some other tweaks like motion blur issues currently found in the single player campaign.

Without a doubt, Naughty Dog is one of the most respected developers out there and deserve nothing short of praise.