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WARP coming to PSN

Warp is a the story of Zero, a small alien trying to escape from a human testing facility. You will be equipped with a set of skills that will aid you through your journey. Don’t let the cute cuddly little alien picture shown below fool you, as Zero’s abilities and your choice of play can determine if your experience will be stealth based or simply gory! Through-out the game you will collect grubs, which you will use to purchase upgrades for Zero. Trapdoor has also included a rewarding in-game stats tracking system and global leaderboards for you perfectionists.

Zero’s Skills
– Warp: The game’s titular ability, warp is a short-distance teleport that lets Zero move through walls and into objects. Handy for ducking through walls and hiding inside objects, from barrels to human bodies.
– Frag: Once inside an object, you can vigorously move the left stick to explode or “frag” your way out, often in a shower of blood and viscera.
– Echo: Allows you to create a ghostly decoy of yourself or any object you’re currently warped into. Useful if you want to lure soldiers away from you, or just spook some scientists.
– Swap: Acquiring swap allows you to place your echo over an object and instantly trade places with it. This power essentially gives you a much longer warping distance, and is a good way to move objects around. You can also swap objects inside of other objects.

Here is a video to demonstrate Zero’s Echo and Swap abilities:

The game is developed by Trapdoor and published by EA Partners for PSN. According to the official PlayStation blog Warp will be out this winter. For more information on Warp, visit the official website.