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Hungry Giraffe WIP Screens

Our friends over at Laughing Jackal have sent us some work in progress sceenshots and some more information on their latest PlayStation Mini project Hungry Giraffe.

“Out on the savannah, one poor giraffe is fed up with eating leaves and wants to indulge in a few naughties for once… he’s one hungry giraffe:

• Watch in amazement as he stretches his neck skyward!
• Gasp in awe as his neck hurtles ever upward, via the power of calories!
• Scream with indignation as he wantonly ignores the governments ‘five-a-day’ guidelines and devours all manner of high-energy junk food!
• Snacks beware! No burger, portion of fries, ice cream or pizza is beyond his reach!

It’s not all gravy though. Your hungry giraffe will have to avoid the heavyweight hazards inexplicably floating through the sky. As well as low, medium and high calorie grub, your giraffe can also swallow dumbbells and anvils – and every good giraffe knows that eating heavy stuff is the last thing you need to power a twisty-turny upward journey.”