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Max Payne 3: Design and Technology

Oh how I love Rockstar Games. As you know, over the past few titles released by the company, we’ve been treated to a number of narrative gameplay videos detailing some of the features of a game or the technology behind it. You might remember these namely with titles such as Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire (I’m not completely sure, but maybe GTAIV used them as well).

Keeping with this new tradition is another upcoming Rockstar title, Max Payne 3, and I gotta say, based on this video alone (there will be 5 of these types of videos in all), I am pretty speechless. In fact, you should have seen me struggling to pick my jaw up off the floor with my bad back. Every bullet is rendered in real time? 360 degree shooting, even in prone? Thousands of animations that seamlessly flow into each other? Natural Motion’s ‘Euphoria’ physics for dynamic reactions to gunshot wounds? Well, I’m pretty confident this has now made my Most Wanted list.

The video above showcases gameplay design choices from targeting and shooting, movement and animation, to the series staple, Bullet Time. Hell, even the artificial intelligence has a wide breadth of capabilities.

Seriously, just watch the video.