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[Update] New Chatroom! Live ChatAfter much searching and testing we have found a winner! When you post images or videos with this new chat, you can view them right in the chatroom. Pretty cool stuff. You can easily have private chats with other members too.

This is available only to members of so be sure to register, so you can join in on the fun we have in the chatroom. When you go to the chatroom page, it will pre-fill your nickname with your display name from which is handy.

Captcha is GONE, thank goodness! All you have to do is pick your nickname and connect. We sometimes do giveaways or post the bonus url link for getting a extra entry into giveaways in the chatroom.

This works well on mobile devices too. So far we have tested Palm Pre, Android & iPad and all work great! The link for the mobile version is on the chatroom page –

So what are you waiting for? Come join us! A link to the chatroom is located under activity in the main menu and in the sidebar.


Ok, chatroom is in the sidebar. If you click menu and select “Hide userlist” then it will take the full width of the sidebar. I still prefer the full size chat myself. But for those who love the sidebar chat. Well there you go 😉 The sidebar chatroom will only appear on the home page though.