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Free Points Saturday, December 3rd

I am a little late this week and about a week late from last week, and seeing as this is now the Holiday season, I will make every week a double points/chances week, except for today’s, which will be triple points and triple chances! I was going to have something different this week, using a browser game we have hidden on the site (just look for the Don’t Click Me link on the bottom), but it wasn’t going to work as planned.

With that out of the way, there are 30 chances to win today (so this might be live for a couple days), with a total of 450 points each! This means we’re giving away a total of 13,500 points today! Enjoy! It should be a pretty easy one.

This title received it’s first (official) English translation for the North American PlayStation release, but the first title in the series released on PC in 1992 (with numerous additions since). The game essentially allowed you to create a game within a certain genre, with the ability to create scripted events, dialogue editing, and map creation. It also sold for a higher MSRP than most other games available at the time.

[question answer=”RPG Maker” option=”freepoints” limit=”30″]

Hint 1: Released in 2000
Hint 2: The genre most associated with “nerds”
Hint 3: “Gobli” was a sample game to introduce players to the game’s world and mechanics
Hint 4: Published by Agetec
Answer: RPG Maker

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