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Releases for the Week (December 5th-11th)

How slow of a week is this going to be for new game releases? Just Dance 3 and The Adventures of Tintin slow. Not saying that those two games aren’t fun (who doesn’t like to shake their groove thing OR chase around a cute dog to solve a mystery or two?) but after 2 weeks with a LOT of releases (and one so-so last week)… well, I guess we HAD To run out of new games, right?

PSOne Classic Final Fantasy VI is FINALLY released on PSN. Well, it’s not really a PSOne Classic per se. It’s a port of a classic SNES game that was re-released on a PSX disc a while ago so maybe we can say it’s a classic case of the porting blues?

Anyway, full (but not so full) list of all releases (and I do mean all) after the break.


You Can Buy Just Dance 3 Right Here!

You Can Buy The Adventures of Tintin Right Here!


You Can Buy Dragon Age II Right Here!

You Can Buy Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Right Here!

PSOne Classics

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