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Releases for the Week (January 9th-15th)

The year has finally begun! Wait, what? It started last week? Mmm, no one told Sony about it! Anyway, here’s the update on the releases you’ll be able to enjoy this week. After the onslaught of holiday releases, things are definitely off to a slow start.

We get two digital releases for previously retail-only games, two PSN games, one minis and one PSOne classic. The minis is what I look forward to this week since Mecho Wars for consoles has been something I’ve wanted since the game was announced. For those Nintendo+Sony fans out there, the easy way to explain this is Advance Wars set in a new universe. An universe with an interesting art direction.

Are you buying anything this week?

PSN Releases

Sports Champions

You Can Buy Sports Champions Right Here!

Toy Story 3

You Can Buy Toy Story 3: The Game Right Here!

Crazy Machine Elements

Choplifter HD


Mecho Wars

PSOne Classics

Final Fantasy Origins

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