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Asura’s Wrath Demo Impressions

**Opinions expressed in this article are solely the thoughts of the writer and do not reflect the opinion entirely.**

Capcom’s new intellectual property, Asura’s Wrath, does not disappoint. It does not disappoint in the area of giving the developers who worked on this game something to add in their portfolio and resume. Capcom gives us about a 20 minute demo, split in to two random chapters of the game. The first part of the demo pits you in a battle with this huge, presumably, “boss” character. I mean, this guy is huge, as in ,”as big as a cruise ship” huge! Apparently, this boss guy is hell bent on crushing you, literally, by any means possible. He even tries to sit on you. Yup, sit on you!

The second part of the demo is a baffling one. From what I gather, the guy “Augus”, was your “master” in one form or another, and he tries to kick your ass for unknown reasons that will sure be answered when the full game releases. Speaking of releases, there is a lot of anger being released by our protagonist Asura. The way you express this anger is by means of timed button presses. A HELL OF A LOT of button presses. There is so much happening in the game that it fails to gratify because you have to literally anticipate and wait on the upcoming button sequences that are riddled throughout. For a second, you’re watching a cut scene, and suddenly, you have to enter button commands, and when you think, “okay, this is a cut scene no button commands will pop up,”.. WRONG!.. That’s when even more aggressive button commands arise!

I have not pressed and spammed buttons like this since **SPOILER ALERT** Solid Snake was subjected to electrocution by Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid, (and Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty).

Given that this is just a demo, and that there were no disclaimers like the usual “game in still in development” messages, I have to say that this is not a day one buy for me. I mean, Capcom is trying to lure you with some pre-order artbook that would pretty much work out for video game swag collectors or hardcore Capcom fans, but that’s about it. I just did not feel the “epicness” the game is trying to portray, and I did not feel any of the gigantic-size battles it tries to make you feel. Remember Dragonball Z when Goku or Vegeta get pissed off and turn all Super Saiyan? Through animation, they show the whatever planet they were in start to experience violent seismic tremors, unknown weather changes, and blinding rays of light. Now those are some scary scenes because you know someone’s ass is about to get kicked. With Asura’s Wrath, they try to portray that, however, it just didn’t look and feel the same way. From what I see, Asura’s Wrath is a fast paced action game riddled with button presses. Way too many button presses.