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Releases for the Week (January 30th-February 5th)

The last week of the month is here and we finally start to get more than one retail releases as publishers realize that we actually like to purchase games all year long (and not only during the holiday rush). The three retail releases bring something for everyone, as we’re getting Final Fantasy XIII-2, sequel that is supposed to “fix” everything that was wrong with FF XIII (which, if you ask me, was nothing at all), Soul Calibur V (fighting games are back in style!) and NeverDead (a game that is so weird, that I’ll just point you to the trailer so you can see what it’s all about).

On PSN, the only new release is Puddle. Other than that, we get some formerly retail only games that are now part of the digital service.

Full gallery after the jump:

PS3 Retail Releases


You Can Buy Final Fantasy XIII-2 Right Here!

Or maybe you want the Awesome Collector’s Edition!

Soul Calibur V

You Can Buy Soul Calibur V Right Here!

Or maybe you want the Shiny Collector’s Edition!


You Can Buy NeverDead Right Here!

PSN Releases


Mini Ninjas

You Can Buy Mini Ninjas Right Here!

Madden 12

You Can Buy Madden 2012 Right Here!


You Can Buy Kane and Lynch: Dead Men!


You Can Buy Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Right Here!

PSP Releases

Naruto Impact

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