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[Review] Sam and Max Season 2: Episode 2

A surprise trip to the tropics turns into a working vacation when Sam & Max sign up to stop a massive volcano eruption. Will their special blend of bewildering wit and renegade justice be enough to win over the gods? (Not to mention the locals?)

After already playing Sam and Max Save The World (Season One) on Wii, Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space (Season 2 on PC) and Sam and Max: The Devil’s Playhouse (Season 3) on PS3, I find myself asking… myself: how fun is the Season Two release on PS3? Let’s find out, one episode at a time!

Our adventure continues as we witness a weird looking red triangle outside our office, trying to catch Sybil (for some reason or the other). How can the freelance police help this time without screwing things up even more in the first place? Well, after learning that the triangle is in fact THE Bermuda Triangle , our dynamic duo jumps into the Bermuda Triangle to do a little freelance policing of their own to try and solve this conundrum (what could possibly go wrong?).

After making their way through the dimensional twists, turns and squirrels, Sam and Max find themselves on a new adventure that has taken them to… Easter Island (change of scenery FTW)! What, you don’t know what Easter Island is? Ok, let’s start by making it VERY CLEAR that Easter Island has no bunnies nor any hidden eggs. Still with me? Good. Easter Island is indeed an island, and it likes to refer to the southeastern Pacific Ocean as “home”. The Island is famous for all the moai statues that populate the island (well over 800 of them), statues created a long, long time ago. It is because of these heads and their general appearance that Episode 2 of Season 2 is called “Moai Better Blues.” And that concludes our lesson.

It seems that lots of stuff AND people have found their way to Easter Island. For example, Jimmy Hoffa? He visited the Bermuda Triangle and liked it so much that he stayed there until his last day on earth. True story.

Your mission this time around is a rather easy one: Save the island, save the world. Or not. You just need to stop the volcano god before he sends the lava to redecorate the place. We’ll worry about the world in another adventure (perhaps in Season 3?). In order to accomplish that, we must prove that Max is totally the high priest and NOT that impostor of a fish ghost that floats inside the water tank.

You’ll eventually run into some Monkey/Seahorse hybrids with tentacles… who also seem to be Jamaican (Nice combo!). Why do they live in this island, and what are they all about? It’s quite simple really.They live here because they have to. Oh, and they worship feet. No, no. You read that right. Feet. As in, several foot that have congregated in a single place in order to form a group of feet. Or is it Foots? I can never remember!

Sam and Max: Moai Better Blues is a great point and click game that all fans of the genre will enjoy. It improves over Episode 1 (Ice Station Santa), and it sets up things nicely for Episode 3 to crank up the crazy to 11… or to whatever number that is higher than 10 that can actually measure the level of insanity at which Max functions.

[review pros=”Improves upon Episode 1
Feels more streamlined and tight” cons=”Some audio hiccups
The driving trophy..with a vengeance” score=87]

Published by Telltale Games

Cost – $19.99 (Full Season)


Total amount of time played: 2 hours

Love me some Sam and Max. Own all 3 seasons, the Anniversary DVD Boxset AND the limited edition Hardcover signed by Steve Purcell.

This review is based on a copy of Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space provided by Telltale Games.