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FPS: For the Past Two Weeks

So, the past couple weeks have been rather hectic. As many of you know, the site was having server load issues, but we’ve managed to recently complete a server move, and the site seems much more stable now.

However, the first question comes from a week of really bad back issues (yeah, this bout of sciatica is rather persistent), but due to Tosh dealing with the server, he was unable to get to Free Points Saturday during that week.

Anyway, this is a duo week, so there are two questions. Both of which I have after the jump. Good luck with those! 150 points, 10 chances each! I’ll make at least one of them easy.

This more recent series, at the time of the first title’s launch, held the Guinness World Record for having the greatest variety of vehicle types for its genre. What was the name of this series?
This should be super easy. If you can’t get this one, there is no hope for humanity.

[question answer=”MotorStorm” option=”freepoints” limit=”10″]

I will try to come up with something a little more creative next time! Good luck!

EDIT: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the second question is now in a separate post.

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