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Send In The Clowns | Twisted Metal Coverage & Super Awesome Giveaway!

Twisted Metal and David Jaffe.

Two entities that the foggy city by the bay are not ready for. I ventured forth outside my east bay domicile around 2pm with the intention of being first in line. After a very droll BART ride to the city, I arrived at the San Francisco event greeted by a motley crüe of true believers. This should not be without surprise, since Jaffe and the Twisted Metal genre both have a more than loyal following.

I proceed to setup camp seeing as how I’m posted up shop by 3pm and the festivities don’t start until 6pm. Not to worry though – king of PS3 media Jeff Rubenstein – steps into the fray and greets everyone warmly and takes a photo that surely would sweep into the folds of Internet for all time – plus a mention right on the Playstation twitter feed.

Things progress and weird people show up.

Things also escalate when some skinny-jeaned hipster decides that waiting at the end of the line is not cool and precedes to cut in front of the 70+ people that have been standing in line for the past two hours. Suddenly everyone looks to me being the resident big man in line to lay down the laws of line cutting and proper line educate. When was this job title handed to me and why didn’t I get some sort of memo? I saunter to where the perpetrator has nested in line and simply put it to him as such: “the end of line is that way” – gesturing to the end of line that has now wrapped around the corner of Mint Plaza and has grown…exponentially. Luckily for Mr. Black Rim Glasses, he gets the point and takes his place at the rear of the line.

The sun quickly sets in the city and seeing as how the event is being held at the ass end of huge alley – it’s getting cold…and quick. I switch to my long sleeve t-shirt and as soon as my head pops through my San Francisco Giants t-shirt – guess who comes waking around the corner: David Jaffe. My head goes into panic mode, but I’m prepared. Sharpie in hand, mint copy of Twisted Metal: Black in the other – I’m ready to spring my trap.

The following transpires:

Me: Mr. Jaffe, could I bother you for an autograph?

Jaffe: Who should I make this out to?

Me: Ummmm…if you could sign it for me that would be great…

Jaffe: eBay doesn’t care… do they?

Me: No-No…I’ll be giving it away to some lucky person.

Jaffe: Ok then.

Not very exciting stuff, but I guess he doesn’t like to sign would be the point? Afterwards, the party and tourney was nice inside. The setup was all Sony everything, right down to the cameras covering the event. I felt violated by these onslaught of cameras, phones with cameras and cameras with cameras. After a while the excitement wore off and Jaffe had retreated upstairs to the VIP section with all the other bigwigs from Playstation making himself completely unavailable to fans and people just wanting to say hi or share some adoration for his life’s work.

As far as the game goes?

First things first – the controls…yikes! My right hand was cramping up from trying to make my thumb do the electric slide across the buttons. Overall the graphics and detail of the game looks kind of bland and almost looks like it belongs on a PS2 rather than a PS3. The array of weapons are nice though, giving the player the ability to choose their tactic and how they wish to go forth wreaking havoc. And havoc you do wreak: EVERYTHING is destructible. You can go through buildings, houses, flagpoles. Hell, I even think I ran over an actual person at one point. Trophies are apparently quite easy to get because I got 3 just in a matter of minutes.

Where Twisted Metal falls short in some areas, it makes up for it in others. The game offers full customization and the ability for the player to tailor fit the game to their needs, which in this day is usually done by the developer telling/showing you what you’ll be using – instead of giving you an actual choice.

I’m giving this game 3.5 clowns out of 5.


Now…as far as the giveaway:

One lucky winner will receive both items:

1 Twisted Metal Branded Backpack
1 Mint black label copy of Twisted Metal: Black signed by David Jaffe!!

I will shoot video of the raffle when i draw the lucky persons name. One entry per person.

Just leave a comment and tell us who your favorite Twisted Metal character is!

Good luck!!

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