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Releases for the Week (February 5th-12th)

Things are definitely picking up this week as we’re getting 3 full retail releases, 4 PSN releases, 4 retail games making their way to PSN and THE PS2 classic we’ve all been waiting for: The SpongeBob SquarePants: Movie is finally here! This will probably be the last time we talk about PSN and PSN releases since Sony has decided to change things around a bit, and is re-branding the service as… SEN.

This week you can pick between the retail edition of the Jak and Daxter HD Collection, the digital edition (at the exact same price) OR you can pick each of the games by themselves should you not have enough money on your wallet (either physical or digital one), or if you just hate one of the 3 games (my bet is on you hating on J&K 2).

Full gallery of releases after the jump:

PS3 Retail Releases


You Can Buy The Jak & Daxter HD Collection Right Here!

You Can Buy Kindoms of Amalur: Reckoning Right Here!

Darkness II
You Can Buy The Darkness II Right Here!

PSN Releases

You Can Buy Catherine Right Here!

Shank 2

Gotham City Impostors

Top Spin 4
You Can Buy Top Spin 4 Right Here!

Lego Pirates
You Can Buy Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Right Here!

Simpsons Arcade

PS2 Classics

Spongebob Movie