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2 Platforms 1 Price - Sony Tempts Gamers With Some Mouth Watering News

When you’re usually trying to buy a game, you can only play it on one platform. If you own more than one gaming device then you tend to have to pay for the same game again to play it on your 2nd system.

Sony has announced today the days of purchasing a game on two seperate platforms are on their way out. The PS Vita has a fantastic feature which allows cross platform play – between the PS Vita and the PS3, and vice versa.

With the imminent release of the PS Vita, you’re getting a fantastic deal from Sony for the games available at launch. Buy the game once and knock yourself out by playing them on both your PS3 and your PS Vita.

This may be the future – it’s yet to be decided on whether Sony will decide to do this for future titles, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if this was to become a permanent move, but for now the launch games are going to benefit from this decision.

With the pricing of the launch day downloadable games being at an all time low – Sony has certainly hit the right spot when it comes to tempting the gamer to spend their hard earned cash on their new, shiny device – I for one am already having sleepless nights as I can’t wait to get my hands on my PS Vita next week!

So far, only certain games can be played on both systems since you have to remember that he Vita features at touch screen and a touch-pad on the back, so be sure you check for cross-platform compatibility before making your purchase.

Here’s to the future of cross platform gaming, and here’s to hoping Sony finally see sense in offering a 1 price, multiple platform gaming for the forseeable future.