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[Review] Uncharted: Drake’s Journal by Nolan North

  • On February 23, 2012

Our favorite voice actor, Nolan North, has written a book sharing his experiences on the set of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Uncharted: Drake’s Journal is not a Nolan North biography; it is an exclusive, behind-the-scenes book about the creation of Uncharted 3 from his perspective. The book was published by Nolan’s company, Gamespheres.

The book is huge, measuring 9.25×12 inches, and features over 1,000 hi-resolution images, photos and artwork on 128 pages. There are also more than 50 QR codes linking to exclusive video clips, most featuring behind the scenes mocap. Some are actually pretty funny, and portray Nolan North’s great sense of humor. You can click on these QR codes in the book preview below and see a couple of them.

Unlike most games, Naughty Dog uses Motion Capture (mocap) to create the Uncharted series. The voice actors wear “a performance capture suit” and actually perform the scenes we see in the game. This process takes months, and therefore the actors in Uncharted are not just voice actors, but actually performers as well. The book does a great job of explaining this, as well as giving you a good sense of the process.

There are some interviews by Nolan, with the other actors, that are in a more intimate setting than would be with a different interviewer. Some of these give some very cool behind the scenes information on Uncharted 3 that hasn’t been revealed anywhere else. Be warned though, there are a few spoilers in the book, so play the game first if you don’t want them ruined.

Below is a sample of the book, and as I mentioned, be sure to click on the QR codes to check out the exclusive videos.

Any fan of Uncharted, or of the game making process in general, will love Uncharted: Drake’s Journal by Nolan North. It was very well done and looks amazing. The “behind the scenes” pictures and videos will truly keep your interest and have you longing for more. At only $25, this book is definitely worth picking up.

Buy Drake’s Journal right here!