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Dragon’s Dogma Classes Revealed

Introducing the Warrior from the upcoming hack and slash RPG: Dragon’s Dogma. The Warrior is exactly what you expect him to be. Hard hitting and utilizing Heavy weaponry.

-Notes from Director Itsuno: I have a habit of using warriors even though their attacks are so slow, but they cause more trouble than they’re worth for players who aren’t too sure of what they’re doing. I think the main use for warriors will be to deliver heavy attacks in the opening made by characters of other vocations. Using them during such chances in boss fights can deal some really devastating damage. But you’ll need to know where an enemy’s weak points are and hammer them with powerful successive attacks when you have an opening.
Primary Weapon: Great Sword or Warhammer
Most effective against: Golems, Saurians, Skeletons
Least effective against: Phantoms, Wolves, Harpies

Here is a brief demonstration of the Warrior’s Skills.

View more here and here

You will be happy to know that the Warrior will feature some extremely useful attack skills for clearing large mobs.

Next up is the class I will be using to start with, The Sorcerer! I have to admit, her spells are looking amazing. The last one in her demonstration videos is an eye opener to say the least (check the links after the initial video).

-Notes from Director Itsuno: This may actually be the strongest vocation in the game. However, sorcerers need more time to incant spells than mages and have poor defense, so it takes a surprising amount of technique to use them to their full ability. If you fight together with a supportive pawn and fully understand your enemies’ nature and your position, a sorcerer can be extremely powerful. Sorcerers can fight with their full force till the end—but they are pathetically weak against enemies that are resistant to magickal attacks.
Primary Weapon: Archistaff
Most effective against: Enemies with magickal bodies such as evil eyes and vile eyes, enemies weak to magick such as ghosts, other magick users.
Least effective against: Distant enemies such as archers, highly mobile enemies like chimeras and griffins.

View more here and here

Look to start off with simple ranged attacks at first with the Sorcerer. She will be your group finisher after the Warrior has done his beating down of the boss’s weak spots. More information can be found on the newly launched official website.