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[Accessory Review] 4GamersElite Deluxe Travel Case for the PlayStation Vita

Last week on twitter, 4GamersElite had a little giveaway for a few of their fantastic products, specifically travel cases for the newly launched PlayStation Vita. Well, I couldn’t resist entering, and as you see from the picture above, I won. I decided that I was going to treat this as a review product shortly after winning, mostly because I was mesmerized by the case I chose after winning.

The first thing you notice about this particular case is that it is large…very large. Especially compared to my old Vita case. This is actually what made me choose this case in particular.

I’m a gadget-on-the-go kind of guy and we all know battery life just isn’t what we want it to be these days, so we have to carry several charging cables with us. The invention of proprietary wires (this man should probably be beaten with pillow cases full of soap) forces us to carry multiple wires. I have a large backpack with many pockets, but in between my iPad, Vita, PSP, mobile phone, spare USB cable, headphones and bluetooth charger, it’s just impossible to not get these tangled up. This particular case allows me to neatly store the cords in the case with the Vita and games thus giving me one less headache to deal with later.

The actual pocket for the vita is lined and padded itself, along with the whole case. It feels sturdy yet soft, and seems to have a spot for everything. The external fabric feels like a rubber coated neoprene, so it feels very water resistant. I gotta say that this is probably the best case I’ve ever owned for a portable gaming machine personally.

Here is the bad news. It’s not currently available in North America. Right now, this bad boy is only available to our European friends and soon Asia. They do have plans to penetrate the American market eventually from what I gather as well. /fingers crossed/

Absolutely a great purchase for anyone, and for me, winning it makes it all that much sweeter.

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