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Releases for the Week (March 19th-25th)

This is a great week for PS3 and Vita fans!

On PS3, we get Ninja Gaiden 3, Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City, and the Silent Hill HD Collection as the highlights. Vita owners are getting Sumioni, a release from XSEED Games, that will be available as a digital only release, which makes the most of all of the features that the Vita has to offer.

Want to know what you can buy with your money? Then you’ve come to the right place! Just be sure to also have enough time to play all the releases, so you don’t end up with a huge backlog…

Full list of releases after the break!

PS3 Retail Releases

Ninja Gaiden 3

You Can Buy Ninja Gaiden 3 Right Here!

Racoon City

You Can Buy Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City Right Here!

Silent Hill HD

You Can Buy Silent Hill HD Collection Right Here!

Armored Core V

You Can Buy Armored Core V Right Here!

VITA Releases


PSN Releases

Rayman 3 HD

Orochi 3

40k Space Marine

You Can Buy Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Right Here!

minis Releases


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