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[PS3 Review] Sam and Max Season 2: Episode 4

Bosco’s vanished from the face of the Earth—literally! When Sam & Max manage to track him down, what they find is so mind boggling, you’ll have to see it to believe it. Can the Freelance Police set things right, or will life as they know it fall victim to the capricious whims of T-H-E-M?

After already playing Sam and Max Save The World (Season One) on Wii, Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space (Season 2 on PC) and Sam and Max: The Devil’s Playhouse (Season 3) on PS3, I find myself asking… myself: how fun is the Season Two release on PS3? Let’s find out, one episode at a time!

Seems that T-H-E-M has (have?) kidnapped Bosco, and without Bosco, the show can’t go on! But, where exactly IS Bosco? Turns out that T-H-E-M are actually aliens, and they didn’t kidnap Bosco, they adbucted him! Aliens! Oh, and they travel in a Sombrero UFO. Totally normal. Think Max calls this Wednesdays.

Once you actually find Bosco, you’ll realize he has been turned into Boscow (yep, mooo), after he altered the time stream. It is your (part-time) job to find a way to fix him without making time break itself… in time! Oh, and in order to do that you need to make sure that Bosco is conceived/born, because if he’s never born, then he will never have a chance to alter the time stream, and he will never be turned into Boscow, and we will never have to find a way to turn him back into good-old regular Bosco because he was never born. But if he was never born, Sam and Max would have never met him, so they would not be using an elevator to travel in time as there would be no need to right any wrongs since Bosco would never exist and, therefore… oooh, look at the kitty! Where was I? Ah, right! Boscow? Bad. Bosco? Stupid. Carry on.

Time traveling! Back to the Future fans will reaaallly like this episode. And since I’m also a Back to the Futuer fan, guess what? I reaaallly liked this episode! I can’t really say anything else without spoiling the whole episode since, thanks to the time traveling aspect of the game, mentioning a small, red caterpillar that sits on top of a space suit might unravel the whole story! You’ll have to play this one for yourselves, and you must definitely go to the White House in the 60’s, visit the younger versions of Sam and Max, talk with the much, much, muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch older versions of the dynamic detective/cop/gourmet-chef duo… oh, and maybe you should try not to step over a bug back in 10,000,000 B.C. as to not kill all the dinosaurs.

Sam and Max Season 2: Chariots of the Dogs brings us one step closer to the exciting conclusion to the story arc. The very funny dialogue, the crazy situations, the remarkable voice acting, and the shinny sparkles from the Sombrero UFO, all make this a very funny adventure you should all enjoy.

[review score=”87″ pros=”Keeps on, keeps on, keeps on, keeps on moving.
Time travel…what is not to like?” cons=”Season is almost over”]

Cost – $19.99 (Full Season)


Total amount of time played: 2 hours.

Love me some Sam and Max. Own all 3 seasons, the Anniversary DVD Boxset AND the limited edition Hardcover signed by Steve Purcell.

This review is based on a copy of Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space provided by Telltale Games.