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Nearly A Year After Hackers Forced PSN Offline How Have Your Online Spending Habits Changed?

April 20th marks the one year anniversary of the malicious attack on Sony’s PlayStation Network that forced the service offline for several weeks. No PS3 owner in any part of the word can forget that day in history.

In North America PSN was down for 23 days, much longer for Asian gamers. When it was all said and done the event cost Sony $171 million. Fortunately for the Japanese electronics conglomerate dedicated PlayStation 3 owners returned in full force once it was all over.

However the days when players would nonchalantly purchase items and goods through the PlayStation Store with their credit cards became a thing of the past.

Despite the fact there have been no confirmed reports of credit card fraud due to the infamous PSN outage of 2011 consumers have demonstrated discipline when it comes to using plastic on the service. As recently as November 2011 PlayStation Network cards reportedly experienced a boost in sales, six months after the event.

As the one year anniversary draws near we’d like to know how have your buying habits been effected by the PSN outage of 2011? Are you confident in the measures taken by Sony after the hacking to use your credit cards again or are PSN cards your only means of making purchases?