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[minis Review] Vibes

Welcome to a brand new era of rhythm! Let Vibes take you on a heart-pounding, button-bashing journey through a huge variety of music tracks.

Your accuracy, timing and finger speed will be taken to the limit in this unique test of rhythm. Follow the pattern of music and chase the big combos and high scores!

Amaze yourself by beating all the difficulty levels which push your fingers to breaking point! Do you have what it takes to become number one?

From the trailer, you can tell that icons appear at the edge of the screen, making their way towards the center of the screen. You must use the analog stick to aim the center arrow in the direction of the incoming icons, so you can press the corresponding button to hit said icon. In case yo run into an icon with a tail, you must press and hold the button until the trail is over. Pressing the button to early or two late will not give you the best score possible, nor will it help you regain some of your lost health.

There are 13 songs available in total which is very impressive considering this is a minis release. 5 songs are available from start, and as you complete them you will unlock the rest. How varied are the music selections? You have Pop, Hip Hop, House, Emo, Classical, J-Pop, Psychobilly, Rock, Trip Hop, Latin, Punk, Electro and Indie songs for this game (one song per genre), which is sure to please all music game fans.

At first, you can only pick the first difficulty option for each song, but you will eventually also unlock the next two difficulty settings to increase replay value. Just be warned that the higher you go, the more focused you need to be. This is the reason why Headphones are must when playing on PSP/PSP Go/Vita. Being able to clearly listen to the music while playing makes a huge difference. If you play on the PS3, just crank up the volume and dive into this trippy journey!

As other music/rhythm games have taught us, we can’t miss too many icons or it’s game over. The upper right has your lifebar, and it lets you know how good/bad you are doing depending on color (Green, Orange, Red, Doomed).

Vibes is a fun release that brings something new to the music/rhythm game genre. 13 tracks with 3 difficulty settings add to the overall replay value of the game, and the great music selection will keep you coming back for more.

[review score=”81″ pros=”Great music
Easy to understand controls” cons=”Can get very hectic at higher difficulties”]

Cost – $5.99


Total amount of time played: 4 hours.

This review is based on a PS3/PSP copy of Vibes provided by Laughing Jackal.