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Devil May Cry HD Collection Review

The Devil May Cry HD Collection is a bargain at $39.99, but the title may be misleading to many. The correct title should be, “Devil May Cry kind of HD Collection” The collection includes the original in all its glory, as well as part 2 and 3 special edition as well as a vault of songs and art work. Not bad, right?

Well the problem is Capcom was either extremely lazy or some technical issue prevented them from giving the HD treatment to the cut scenes and menus. Yes, even the menus are 4:3 SD in all their blurry glory for you to enjoy. How this happened is beyond me. The overall enjoyment is greatly reduced when fighting in HD, collecting your first orb, and are suddenly treated by a small screen explaining what the orb is used for. Extremely disappointing.

The game looks dated, but the HD treatment has the characters and enemies looking super polished. You’re getting 2 of the best games in the series, and if you price it at $19.99 for those 2 titles, it’s a bargain for sure, even with the 4:3 FMV’s and menus aside. Devil May Cry 1 will always be held with great regards for balancing out action and a leveling system with a challenging difficulty. Devil May Cry 2, on the other hand, has the difficulty of a sesame street game and should be avoided at all costs. The HD overhaul hasn’t changed anything for part 2. It is still boring and brainless with absolutely zero enjoyment. 3 is the best in regards to difficulty and over the top combo madness. It has aged well and still remains one of my favorite games for the ps2 era.

The sound is just like you remember, with over the top rock techno and the ever so familiar sound of going into menus and collecting items. The camera is debatable; some despise it with the ability to control it being zero until the third installment, and even then, you can only slightly move it in certain areas. If you lived under a rock and have never played the game, this will be your biggest gripe most likely. Like I said, I don’t mind it and always thought it was rather innovative for its time. This is something that could have been addressed, but seeing as the menus and story scenes are so ugly with no effort whatsoever put into them for this collection, I am once again not surprised.

3 Platinum trophies with part 2 being the easiest to obtain, trophy hunters will need a good chunk of time for a small price of admission. With my complaints aside, this is a collection that belongs in your PS3 library for nostalgic sake. Most definitely a buy.

[review pros=” Best Action/RPG around
Extremely satisfying combat
Gaming History on one Disc
” cons=”Camera
unforgivable 4:3 Menus and cut scenes
” score=85]