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[PS Vita Review] StarDrone Extreme

StarDrone Extreme is a semi-recent PSN title that has been brought to the Vita with 10 additional trajectory based space levels bringing this portable title in with over 60 levels. Flying aimlessly throughout space, this action based puzzle game slings your spaceship into a world of momentum, evil monsters, spiky barriers and super fast space launching. The goal is pretty simple. You collect as many stars as you can or collect shards of a giant space gem.

Playing this game, I can’t help but think of a progressive Angry Bird level only using the single red bird the whole time. Once you launch yourself into the level, there are purple objects that you can attach yourself to in order to create momentum in a certain direction. You release yourself at a specific time to send your ship flying into a specific direction to access other parts of the map or pick up items along the way. The problem is that flying nasties are waiting for you as well as spiked walls and other hazards that will quickly send your ship flying through space in a million pieces.

StarDrone starts off very easy but the difficulty quickly ramps up to where it may take several tries to clear one level. Failing at a level and you will get a choice to skip the level. In order to activate this, you need to download a free DLC item that will activate the feature. Used to cost $0.99, but Beatshapers rectified that by making it free in Europe, and the same will happen in the US store.

All in all, this game came at a good time as it is cheap weighing in at only $3.99, plus it came during a lull in Vita releases. For $3.99, you’re not really going to lose much so this is a good game to pass a few minutes on whenever you need to but it is surely not a game to keep you occupied for hours nor will it appease your eyes staring at the gorgeous OLED screen.

I’ve included here a few images of the game directly from my Vita showing off some of gameplay I’ve encountered.

[review pros=”Much easier touch screen controls, 10 Exclusive Vita levels” cons=”Pretty basic, Uninspired levels, Some levels extremely hard, level skipper DLC” score=”68″]

*This review is based on a download offered by Beatshapers.