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[PSN Review] Sam and Max Season 2: Episode 5

Judgment day is at hand, and it’s time for a showdown with the guy downstairs to bargain for Bosco’s soul. But in the corporate wasteland known as Hell, not even the Freelance Police are safe from eternal damnation. Can Sam & Max fight free from Satan’s grasp, or have they reached the end of the line?

After already playing Sam and Max Save The World (Season One) on Wii, Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space (Season 2 on PC) and Sam and Max: The Devil’s Playhouse (Season 3) on PS3, I find myself asking… myself: how fun is the Season Two release on PS3? Let’s find out, one episode at a time!

Welcome to hell! Well, not really. You ARE cordially welcomed to the GATE to hell, right here in the sewer under the office of Sam and Max! Apparently, the River Styx now flows below the Freelance Police Headquarters, and it has a one-way ticket for our sorta dynamic duo. Ok, that’s not true, but it makes it more dramatic than saying “go towards the mole and ask to be let into the train”. You must recover Bosco’s soul before it’s too late! But, actually, he IS already dead, and his corpse is next to the river Styx so… maybe there’s no real rush? Unfortunately, one does not get to ride the Soul Train that easily, so we must now find a Token that is only given to the dead. Since Sam and Max LIKE to be alive, they set out on a small quest to find the elusive Token of not-alive-anymore.

Thanks to the magic of videogame reviews, we now jump ahead without spoiling the actual solution to the puzzle, and we find ourselves in a very warm and fuzzy place: the Hell Inc. building! Kinky vampire Jurgen is working the receptionist desk of this fine corporation, and you must find a way to talk to the big guy in charge of this joint. If there is anyone that can help us save Bosco’s soul, it has to be the Devil himself, right? Because, Who can be more badass than Satan?

In order to accomplish our goal, we are tasked with revisiting adventures of episodes past in order to experience the specially tailored hell of the last few souls that made it here, thanks in no small part to the mischief, carelessness and loving nature of Max. Sam is not at fault here, since we all know that Max is the one that loves to screw things up, always for the best, always for the rest.

Will Sam and Max be able to rescue Bosco’s soul in time? Will they end up damning more souls to an eternal hell? Will peanut butter and jelly ever end their decades-long feud? You must play this final episode to find out that even if the truth is out there, it is always hidden by the ketchup.

What’s New, Beelzebub? is the final episode of the Beyond Time and Space, and it manages to take care of all the plot holes/unfinished business from the last four episodes… or at least it tried as much as it could. It has been a fun ride, and I look forward to even more crazy adventures next to the bunny and the dog.

[review score=”90″ pros=”Very fun way of ending the season
He who rules over H-e-double hockey sticks” cons=”Season 2 is definitely over”]

Cost – $19.99 (Full Season)


Total amount of time played: 2.5 hours.

Love me some Sam and Max. Own all 3 seasons, the Anniversary DVD Boxset AND the limited edition Hardcover signed by Steve Purcell.

This review is based on a PS3 copy of Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space provided by Telltale Games.