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Releases for the Week (May 14th-20th)

The Payne is back! Max Payne 3 is FINALLY going to retail this week after doing the “release date” shuffle for a while. But this week also has the first Game of Thrones Videogame! Did you pre-order your copy to secure the free HC artbook that will be made available on ebay for $100 later this week?

The Playstation Network will play host to Pixeljunk 4am, a game so trippy it made almost all other Pixeljunk games drop to the floor with their prices! Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II is also coming down for the party, and Sonic and Tails are ready to run with the flow for as long as possible. We also get Rock of Ages, a game so crazy that it must be fun as well! Jam Live Music Arcade also seems like an interesting take on the rhythm/music genre since you can actually mix all available songs on the go, creating a unique experience every single time.

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PS3 Releases

Max Payne 3

You Can Buy Max Payne 3 Right Here!

Game of Thrones

You Can Buy Game of Thrones Right here!

PSN Releases


Sonic Ep 2

Rock of Ages

Jam Live Music Arcade

007 Reloaded

Prototype 2

You Can Buy Prototype 2 Right Here!

minis releases


PSOne Classics releases


PS2 Classics releases

Red Faction II

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