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Gaikai Deal with Sony Could Be for PlayStation Back Catalog

According to, Sony is expected to announce their cloud-based streaming service through their partner, Gaikai, next week at their E3 press conference. The deal apparently is to stream PSOne and PS2 titles through Gaikai. Word is, besides the PlayStation 3, the service could eventually become available on other Sony products, including televisions and tablets.

For those unfamiliar with Gaikai, it is a game streaming service kind of like OnLive, using either Java or Flash. However, they have deals with a lot of partners, including facebook, YouTube, and retailers such as GAME and Best Buy (not counting the number of publishing partners). As far as the PlayStation service goes, besides first party titles, we may also see publishers, that already have deals with Gaikai, release some of their PlayStation Legacy software, including Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Capcom.

No word on whether this will have a monthly subscription or pay-per-title plan. Personally, I’d go for the monthly subscription. We already basically have the pay-per-title via PSN, however we could potentially see more titles become available through the Gaikai service. Would this be a service you’d be interested in? Could this be a look into what Sony plans to do with the PlayStation 4? Now to see if this is more than a rumor, and other important details, next week…