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The Same FooBear408 You’ve Always Known…Kind Of.

People come and people go. Fads change and things remain the same. The earth and its inhabitants are in constant ying and yang with each other. The way you would think of the boulder chasing after Indiana Jones in the first movie and we come out the other side with cobwebs on us and Belloq is right there to take our valuable treasure away from us. And then he sends his village bandits after you as you make a break for it down a lush and rolling green landscape, as you yell at some random dude who is lollygagging on starting your getaway plane. Hang onto a pontoon of a plane, dodge some poisonous darts and throw snakes into the mix and you kind of get what I’m driving at.

Well maybe not exactly like that…but kind of.

The reason why I’m writing this, true believer, is to inform you that one of your very own (that being me) will be driving the arduous trip from my cozy bay area palatial estate down to the city of angels to cover the mecca of every gamers dreams: E3. How do I feel about this? I’m ready and I’ve put in the time to get there as media and score the E3 swag you guys want. I’ll ask those hard hitting questions for the interviews you have come to expect from me from my many live blogs hosted right here on the blog itself. The tomfoolery and of course the unpredictable hijinx that goes hand in hand and also makes for an interesting read – and that’s what it really boils down to, right?


I’ll be leaving for E3 on Monday around 10am and will live tweet my whole experience right on my twitter (@FooBear408), and I will take requests from the road for anyone who is following. Being as how the trip is 6 hours long, it’ll provide for much needed entertainment. I would like to cover this event the way I think it needs to covered, by just a regular guy with regular opinions and with honesty. Not by some conglomerate whose opinion has been already bought and paid for and who’s just looking to make a buck out of every honest and avid gamer out there – like you and like me. I’ll be shooting video of interviews and covering stuff that pertains to Playstation related gaming whether it be peripherals or games themselves. If worse comes to worse, I’ll just be pulling random people to the side and say, “What the hell is your story?”

Relatively off topic: I’ve been with the site for quite some time. Contributing in many forms, such as: weekly podcasts, riveting editorial pieces, media events, live blogs, game releases and so on and so forth. It was only through all this work through the blog itself that I was actually able to get a new job with a bay area gaming studio. Directly or non-directly, the blog helped me with everything, including my ability to speak and have a voice in a community that I love and know so well. I encourage everyone to do the same and follow your goals and they will happen. I promise you. I will, of course, still provide everything you know and love about FooBear408 and continue to do so with a new found relish and zest of sorts. I guess what I should say is thank you. Thank you for everyone that visits this site and thanks to all the fine people on Twitter and FaceBook. Thanks to the PS3BLOG community as a whole and thanks to all my loyal minions that listen to our podcast.

Thank you.

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