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Tomba! will be released on PSN on June 19!


The wait will soon be over! Monkey Paw Games has announced that PSX classic Tomba! (a great game that made it over here in such limited quantities, it was almost as if it had never been released) will finally be available once again in the US once the PSN store updates on June 19!

“Tomba! is a title that completely fits the mold of MonkeyPaw Games, fantastic gameplay and a rare find. It’s being sold at prices more expensive than gaming systems these days. It still deserves your attention and that’s saying a lot after all these years,” said John Greiner, President and CEO of MonkeyPaw Games. “We’re committed towards bringing back classic and import titles for those who haven’t experienced them or simply want to re-live their retro roots. We’re excited that fans will finally be able to play this legendary gem.”

Previously released titles courtesy of MonkeyPaw Games include the classic adventure RPG Alundra and the legendary strategy RPG series Arc the Lad. Alundra combines challenging and energetic RPG gameplay with memorable presentation. The Arc the Lad trilogy contains three strategy RPG classics that no fan should be left without. You can also find Vanguard Bandits, a classic Strategy RPG that will provide you with more than 30 hours of intense gameplay and a rich story. These classics are available on the PlayStation®Network PSone® Classics section at an affordable price of $5.99 each. Gotta own them all!