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Dungeon Twister Gameplay and Info

Ok so Eden showed you a teaser, but here’s all you wanted to know about this fun looking game:

“A blend of chess and Dungeon & Dragons
Dungeon Twister is a turn-based strategy game adapted from the famous board game, played by thousands around the world. Two teams are locked in a dungeon. Only the winners will come out alive!”

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Each game lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. A game is comprised of 2 phases:
The positioning phase, in which the player can develop his strategy by selecting his starting team and where the adventurers and the magic objects are situated.
The game phase itself where the player develops his strategy… and has to adapt to his opponent’s personality.
It takes 5 victory points to win. There are two ways to score a victory point: an adventurer has to manage to flee the dungeon, or fight and kill an opponent. A player can therefore choose between being aggressive… or furtive!

Each turn, the player can spend action points. Each action points lets you move a character, rotate a room, use a special power or magic object, or start a combat.

Fight or flee… only the victory counts!
The player has a team of 8 adventurers – humans and creatures. Each has its own characteristics for movement and combat… plus a unique skill. The Troll is the group’s bully: he is slow and very strong and can regenerate. The Goblin on the other hand is fast but weak. But he gives you more points when he manages to escape without being knocked down. The Mekanork lets you control terrain as he can rotate the rooms in any direction…

You can also use the magic objects located around the dungeon. They often give you an edge: the speed potion lets you carry out more actions; the fireball is often used to get rid of the Troll. Of course, you have to survive long enough to be able to cast it…

Finally, the dungeon is comprised of 8 rooms that can each rotate, which open up new pathways or prevent an opponent from advancing.

Combos can also be used: a Goblin fleeing with treasure after drinking a speed potion can change the result of a game; a Troll carrying a rope can cross pit-traps and becomes formidable when roaming enemy lines. The Cleric teamed up with the Warrior is remarkably efficient…

Each game is unique. There is no ultimate strategy. Players have to adapt their strategy to their opponent’s style of play and the configuration of the dungeon.

Hundred of hours of gameplay!
Dungeon Twister includes a single player mode in which the player learns the basic rules and the game’s subtleties over 20 missions. He can then practice against the computer in simplified and advanced modes. The challenge mode pushes the player to think and develop his strategy to defeat the computer in more and more difficult games.

Once the player understands the game well enough, he can face other players on-line in friendly games or games that count for the ranking. An ELO-type system ensures he meets players at his level.

Who will become the best Dungeon Twister player in the world? One thing is certain: players of the board game have their PlayStations ready and won’t be dethroned easily.

Hydravision Entertainment announced today that Dungeon Twister, its new turn-based strategy game, is being released on PlayStation®3 July 3rd in the USA and July 4th in Europe and Australia.

Dungeon Twister will be available exclusively on PlayStation®3 at launch and will be available for download on PlayStation®Store.

Source: Press Release