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PlayStation All-Stars Commercial Shoot Reveals New Character [Update]

Nathan Drake and Big Daddy were recently added to the growing roster of Sony’s upcoming (takes a deep breath) PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. A TV commercial is being filmed in Los Angeles at the moment and my source on set is feeding me really good info via text. From what she has gathered. Teams are being partnered up with Kratos, Sweet Tooth, Big Daddy, and a “blonde haired guy with goggles”.
More pictures and information will be updated as it is available. I am trying to get her to take a picture of “the blonde hair with goggles” guy and she said she will as soon as she can. “Right now the character playing Kratos is in make up getting air brushed painted and the production crew is still splitting the teams.” She writes.

Stay tuned!
[UPDATE] 12:16pm
My source now tells me that they are working in a closed set due to some of the cast tweeting the location and images of the shoot. More info will be available as soon as it gets to me.
[UPDATE] 1:18pm
The closed set proved to be strict as I am getting text messages 10-15 min late. has confirmed that Jak is indeed the character mentioned.

Stay tuned, and follow me on twitter @paulfierce to see the info as I get it!

UPDATE 7/7/12
Since the casting had to sign NDA agreements. It was hard to take pictures of the set, however there is one area, in the wardrobe room where my source manage to snap a picture of this! Proof that Jak is in All Stars? you be the judge..